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As Eye See It
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I am photographer Tara Krauss, and I own and operate As Eye See It located in Parker, Colorado, just south of the Denver metro area.  My studio-style of headshot photography is clean, minimal and modern.  I believe the emphasis of conveying your image and brand is through your expression and not distracting props or backgrounds. I would love to create a headshot for you that authentically represents you.  Every image that comes out of my studio is immaculately retouched ensuring that it is done tastefully and not overdone. You will look like you on your best day!

First Impression

In this fast-paced, social media world we live in, do you realize how quickly your image is viewed, and well, honestly, judged?  At a glance, what does your current profile picture say about you?  For your sake, I'm hoping it says, "I am confident, approachable and professional."  Does your image leave the viewer wanting to hire you or work with you?  Does your trustworthiness shine through in your eyes?  Your friendliness in your smile?  

Or, on the flip side of that coin, does your image convey that you didn't put much thought into the photo you used or how you acquired it? Does that then tell the viewer that other things are simply more important to you than presenting yourself in the best possible manner?  If you don't present yourself in your best possible way, does that emit faith that you'll represent others any better than yourself?  Could this impression then trickle down into the assumptions made about the quality of work or service that you provide?  

Don't leave this first, momentary impression to chance.  Let's work together to create an image that will leave no doubt as to just how amazing you are.


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Headshot Crew Associate Photographer

Headshot Crew Associate

Do you know the old adage that if you want to be the best then surround yourself with the best?  That is exactly what I have done.  I am proud to be an Associate of the Headshot Crew, an international headshot photography network led by premier NYC-based headshot photographer Peter Hurley. Peter has personally reviewed and approved each image in my portfolio and granted me the status of Associate. I have formed invaluable relationships with the best headshot photographers around the world.  My ongoing training keeps me at the top of my game and brings these skills to you here locally in Parker, Colorado.  This amazing crew is nothing short of phenomenal.  My career and my life is so much fuller because of these people and my experiences with them.  The attached link will take you to my Headshot Crew page and portfolio: