5-27-18, So Many Miles

Before I began specializing in headshots, I photographed families on-location.  Then, I met Peter Hurley and I lasered in on professional, studio headshots.  Professional studio headshots ROCK when it's 25 degrees outside and snowing.  But, do you know what is SUPER enjoyable when it's 75 degrees and sunny?  On-location family sessions!  This session began as a sentiment on Facebook, "We should come visit you and have our pictures taken."  One year and 1,000 miles later, this amazing couple showed up for their couple's session commemorating 35 years of marriage.  The beauty of social media is that I felt as if I'd known this couple for years, but in reality we'd never actually met.  The gem from this experience was when the wife came up to me after the session and said, "You know what? That was SO much fun!"  Smiles ALL around during and after this session.  Thank you so much, Frank and Susan, for granting me the privilege of capturing these beautiful moments for you.