Skincare: Use the week leading up to your session as a good opportunity to really take care of yourself. Get your rest so you won’t have puffy eyes with dark circles under them. Stay hydrated so your skin will look healthy. Minimize sun exposure and prevent sunburns, especially considering the the altitude where we live and how easily that can happen.

Makeup: Trendy makeup styles can date a photograph as quickly as clothing can. When I reached the age of wearing makeup, my mother told me “the goal of applying makeup is to enhance your features without looking like you’re wearing any at all.” Whether you or a makeup artist apply your makeup for your session, please keep it simple. The skin on your face needs to match the skin on your neck. Heavy foundation and powder applied to the face does not look natural nor blend with the tone of the skin on the neck. Hard lines of eyeliner, heavily-applied eyeshadow (especially in non-neutral colors) and thick or fake eyelashes result in distraction not enhancement in a headshot. Aim for the ‘natural beauty’ look. Also, it is easier to apply more makeup during a session than it is to remove it. Don‘t go crazy with eyebrow waxing either. Think natural!

Hair: The goal of your hairstyle for your session is to have it look like it would when you’re having a great hair day. Bring any tools or products you use to style your hair so we can keep it looking its best throughout the session and any wardrobe changes. It is easier to photograph your hair as it should be than to photoshop your hair as we wish it would have been. Attention to detail is the key. Please don’t mind me being in your personal space throughout the session fixing strays or what not. Trust me that it looks better to get it right the first time around rather than trying to touch it up later. If you have longer hair, please bring a hair band so we can photograph you with your hair pulled back as well. The diversity of the resulting images can give you some fun options for different looks. And remember, a few weeks before your headshot session is not a time to get a new cut and style. Stick with a cut you know and a style you can easily fix.

Clothing: Please bring several options of shirts or tops to choose from. Be sure that all the options that you bring are clothes that are comfortable and fit well. If a top is one that makes you feel really good about yourself, this will be apparent in the photos. If a shirt is uncomfortable or you don’t like it, this will be apparent as well. Choose items that feel good and make you shine. Don’t select anything too loose, baggy or with ‘lazy collars’.  Also, be aware that low or plunging necklines will give the illusion of missing clothing once it is cropped.  It's best to stay away from these styles, so as not to give the illusion of being naked!  Be sure clothing is steamed or ironed, as needed. Stay away from patterns, stripes, bold colors and asymmetrical necklines. Neutral colors that work well with your skin tone are ideal. Bring a variety of necklines because a shirt that you might think will be your favorite for your headshot may not photograph the way you imagine it would. This is an easy fix-- change it! Do not be hesitant to bring off-season clothing to your session. Your headshot will be seen year round and you can change your headshot image just as you would your wardrobe throughout the year. When in doubt as to whether or not to bring a particular item, bring it! We’ll work together to create a variety of looks that you will feel proud to share. It doesn’t matter what you wear on your lower half, because you will only be photographed from the chest up.  Most importantly, remember this:  K.I.S.S.S.-- Keep It Simple, Solid and Symmetrical.  

Jewelry: Less is more! Simple stud earrings, ideally no necklaces. We are focusing on you and not your accessories. I have photographed clients in the past who have been advised of these tips only to comment, “I wish I wouldn’t have worn those dangly earrings” and “I wish my necklace had been centered on my neck.” Let’s not create your image with well-applied make-up, well-styled hair, nice-fitting tops only to be ‘ruined’ by distracting earrings or free-moving necklaces. I’d rather spend the time coaxing out that genuine expression than asking you to rearrange your necklace. Trust me, you’ll thank me on this!

Glasses: Glasses can pose unique challenges during photography sessions. If you wear glasses regularly, please bring them to your session. If you have several pairs, please bring them all. Each frame will sit on your face differently and lenses will have different coatings which will affect the glare caused by the studio lights. There are things we can do to minimize reflections in eyeglasses, so please feel free to be yourself and wear your ‘second eyes’ (or third... or fourth!).