4-12-18, Get that Chin out there!


"Get that chin out!" is something you will continuously hear me say throughout a session.  I know, I've heard it before-- "this is uncomfortable"...."it feels so awkward"......"I AM (getting my chin out there)!!"  But, you've got to trust me on this one (and if you don't trust me-- which you totally should, but if you don't... yet-- then trust Peter Hurley.  He has driven this point home over and over again.  What's going to feel more awkward:  a) having to stick your chin out during a session to extend the skin on your neck and under your chin (EVERYONE has it....) to accentuate your jawline, or b) having to look at photos of yourself and think 'man, I didn't know I was living in 'double-chins-ville'.  Nobody wants to live there, right?  

Let's look at exhibits A and B, yes, my good-sport-son.  Image A:  Do you see his chin and jawline?  No, I really can't either.  I mean, I know he has one, because he's always using it to eat or talk, but where is it?!  Ok, now Image B:  There it is!!  You can see a clear definition of his jawline.  Pretty impressive transformation, right?  Now, if you can see a clear difference between images A and B with regard to the jawline, imagine the difference when you no longer have the look or weight of a 16-year old?  I know!  We have to help ourselves out every chance we can get, right?  So, the next time you are in front of my camera and I'm saying, "get your chin out!", remember these images.  Know that I'm not being bossy (well, I am, but that's what you're paying me for....), but that I've really just got your back.  I want the best images of you floating around in cyber space just as much as you do!  Start practicing now, because I won't lie.... it does feel a bit awkward!  But it's worth it, so worth it!

Nik silly-cropped.jpg
Nik chin-cropped.jpg

It's all about the jawline, people.  Check out Peter Hurley's video!