5-10-18, Headshot Fun!


Tell me....  you hear 'headshots' and you think bor-ing!  Am I right?  Am I close?  Well, maybe- honestly, it depends.  Does your photographer love photographing headshots?  I do.  I really do!  In fact, when I came across the Headshot Crew a year ago, I was in awe that there was a whole community, a whole site, a whole Facebook group dedicated to this facet of photography.  I remember the moment vividly:  I was sitting on the floor of the Verizon store waiting for our number to come up for customer service.  I was killing time (Lord knows there is plenty of that waiting in line at the Verizon store on a Saturday morning...) so I decided to log onto the crew site.  I got SUCKED in.  I remember excitedly telling my husband:  "I can go here, day and night, and talk to people who are as crazy about this as I am!!"  My husband gave me a strange look like, "um, ok?"  He clearly did not get it.   He was, well, bored, and I was beyond excited.  There was a BIG group of photographers out there who also spent their time analyzing camera settings, light placement, catch lights, background colors, client connection, authentic expression, retouching, etc (etc, etc, etc, etc.......).  It blew my mind.  Finding the crew was like finally finding that golden nugget after years and years of panning.  

So, I ask you again, do you think headshots are boring?  Do you think the sessions are boring?  Do you think I, the photographer, am bored?  Let these snapshots from a recent session answer these questions for you.  Look how much fun we had!!!

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.42.52 PM.jpg

So, all that fun and a final image like this?  Amazing, isn't it?  I LOVE headshot photography!!

5-18 Britt.jpg